2020 in 2020 Campaign Commitment Card


1. Pray: Seek the Lord's will for you in this.

2. Indicate Your Commitment by completing the COMMITMENT FORM (CLICK HERE)

3. Share Your Commitment: Notice, no where do we ask your name. Please share your commitment and updates with your small group or another Christian so they can pray for you, encourage you and hold you accountable.

4. Pray: Please commit to praying for this effort, both individually and in your small group.

5. Notify: When you share the Gospel, let us know! Complete the I Shared the Gospel! Form. Please share their first name only to respect their privacy. This will not only allow us to track our progress in Getting the Gospel Out, but the officers of the church are also committed to praying for that person to come to know Jesus.

6. Learn & Be Equipped: Listen to the new podcast Getting the Gospel Out hosted by Pastor Dan. He will be joined by guests to discuss," Why should I do evangelism?" "What must we share to share the Gospel?" "How do I 'get the Gospel' in conversations?" etc. The podcast will be on our website and on iTunes.  You can also pick up a copy of The Gospel Comes with a House Key and we will be offering Journey Evangelism Training again this summer.

7. Ask Questions: Contact a Pastor or Elder to discuss any questions you might have.