steps with your person(s)

1. Commit to praying for that person(s) daily in 2024.

2. Start developing a deeper relationship with them.

    a. By spending time with them. (i.e. coffee/lunch/golf/errands/etc.)

    b. By asking them questions about their story, what they believe, etc.

    c. We typically recommend you not share what you believe, until they ask you. When they ask you, it

        means they are giving you permission to share.

3. Ask if they would take the “next step” with you.

    a. This could be coming to AWANA, youth group, church or small group.

    b. It could also be doing a study with them.

         i. The Journey ~ a 4 week study produced by Pastor Dan

         ii. One on one reading through the Gospel of Mark

        iii. More than a Carpenter

         iv. Alpha Video Series

4. Don’t give up on them. Keep praying for them and pursuing them in ways they allow until our next annual meeting.