Adult Ministry

Adults are under a lot of pressure to lead, love, work, parent, raise up the next generation and do all that with a smile.  At Jacob's Well we recognize that one purpose of a local church is to support it's members as a community, so that no one needs to carry their responsibilities on their own.  When it comes to living life as a Christian we believe that we are all a community project.

Men's Ministry

While it's difficult oftentimes for men to find meaningful connection due to busyness or isolation, our hope at Jacob's Well is that through Bible Study, accountability and prayer with one another, the men in our church would be strengthened in their roles as spiritual leaders, Godly husbands, kind fathers and faithful friends.  To see some opportunities to connect with other men here at Jacob's Well click on the link below.

Men's Ministries

Women's Ministry

Trying to navigate life as a woman can be very difficult and then when you add all the different ideas of biblical womanhood it can seem overwhelming.

However, one thing we do know is that God did not create women to do everything alone.  At Jacob's Well the Women's Ministry is here to help women connect, and support each other as Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters and Daughters through a love for God, God's Word and each other.

To see the different opportunities to connect to women of the church click below:

Women's Ministries