We as a youth group focus on two big ideas: Relational Intimacy and Serving God's Kingdom.

  1. Relational Intimacy: We seek relational intimacy with God, Leader/Student relationships and Peer Relationships.  We do this through bible study, music, prayer, small groups, discipleship, and events!
  2. Serving: We seek to serve God's Kingdom by using our gifts and passions to serve our communities through the local church.

If you would like to know more about us you can contact David Steinbarger at youth@jacobswellgb.org

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Upcoming Events!

All Youth Events Have Been Canceled Until Further Notice!

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    Because of the current social distancing policy we have created a YouTube channel to share updates, messages and fun videos.

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    Genesis 15:7-21

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Youth Leaders

Get to know the Leaders who will be loving on the youth students in Oasis Youth Group.

  • david STeinbarger

    My name is David Steinbarger and I am the Youth Ministry Coordinator at Jacob's Well Church.  My wife and I were married in 2013 and she has given me three beautiful girls, Ahnora, Sarah and Evangeline.  I have been working with students in a variety of different jobs including being a Nanny, Personal Care Assistant, Camp Counselor, Outdoor Ed Coordinator and Youth Leader.  I will be doing the majority of the teaching at Oasis.  I am stoked to be able to serve the youth at Jacob's Well, and can't wait to see how God is going to work through the Youth!


    Favorite Pastime: Playing with my daughters, Playing Ultimate Frisbee, Being Outside, and video games.

  • Jason Viljoen (11th &12th Grade Boys)

    Hey!  I was born and raised in South Africa and my lovely wife, Lisa, is from Wisconsin.  We've been in Green Bay for a few years now.  I am part-time seminary student, part-time school bus driver, and full-time disciple of Christ.  I look forward to hanging out with the whole youth group but am especially glad to be leading the 11th and 12th grade boys.

    Favorite Pastimes: spelling "favorite" with a "u" as in "favourite" because this is the proper spelling of the word ;) I also enjoy biking, hiking, reading, and racquet (racket) sports.

  • Ryan Malchow (9th & 10th Grade Boys)

    Hello, I'm Ryan!  I hail from the ice laden dredges of Green Bay, WI.  I'm a Bay Port High School alum with a bachelor's in Marketing from UWGB.  Although, I'm probably a better student nowadays than when I was in School.  I spend the majority of my free time studying Scripture, apologetics, and reformed theology.  I'm also passionate about art, dogs, and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  I'm married to my super wife Mia.  We have a fluffy cat named Roman and the most beautiful fish named Warner.

    Favorite Pastimes: Disc golfing, watching football, memorizing Scripture and illustration.

  • Eric dekorne (8th grade boys)

    My name is Eric DeKorne and I work in operations management for a heating and air conditioning company.  My wife, Mary, and I have been youth group leaders at our previous church home and loved encouraging the students in our small groups.  I will be the Youth Leader for the 8th Grade Guys!

    Favorite Pastimes: Frisbee golf, spending time at Glen Lake in Northern Michigan, playing with our two sons, and naps in the hammock.

  • Todd Wagner (7th Grade boys)

    Hi!  I'm Todd, I am excited to be able to be a youth leader again.  I have been a youth leader at Spring Lake Church for many years and took a break to be a Dad.  Now that my kids are a little older I am excited to be able to serve the youth at Jacob's Well Church.  The biggest reason why I am passionate about mentoring young men is, because I want them to see that it is not "uncool" to be a man of God.

    Favorite Pastimes include: Snowboarding, hiking, soccer and getting coffee.

  • Jack Rymer (6th Grade Boys)

    Greetings, I am Jack Rymer.  I am a Bay Port alumni from the class of 2015.  I am interested in international missions and God lead me to do a 9 month mission after highschool.  After that journey I went to one year at NWTC for architecture but deccided to enter into a career of firestopping and I am now a forman for my company.  I am excited to lead the 6th grade dudes and see how the Kingdom grows in the youth ministry.

    Some of my interests are running, basketball, rugby, hiking, dogs, Lord of The Rings, coffee, reading and traveling!

  • Beth Steinbarger (12th grade girls)

    Hello All!

    I'm so excited to meet all of you and reconnect with those of you that I know!  My name is Beth Steinbarger and I am now a Mom/LPN.  If you are in 12th grade, and you are a girl, then I'm your Youth Leader!! ;) I'll be helping with the outreach and welcoming student ministries and will be your hostess with the mostess for the games!  (They're fun I promise!).  I have three girls at home, and am working part time as an LPN.

    Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my daughters, Ultimate Frisbee, and GETTING COFFEE!!!!

  • Mia Malchow (11th Grade girls)

    My name is Mia Malchow (ME-UH, MAL-KO) and I have accepted to be called "Mya Mal-CHOW" the rest of my life since marrying my husband Ryan Malchow.  I am originally from Cocoa Beach, FL where all the sand, sun and vacations happen!  I love making my home in Green Bay where, as a vegan, I can watch everyone devour all the cheese they can imagine...and also wear it on their heads during Packer games ;)!  

    More seriously, though, I am thrilled about being a part of Oasis Youth Ministry at Jacob's Well Church to make disciples who make disciples!  I am passionate about pouring into the lives of young believers, bearing their burdens and raising them up to be titans in the faith!  My joy and delight is to serve the Body of Christ.  To that end

    -Soli Deo Gloria

    Favorite Pastimes: of course the cliche studying theology and doing bible study at cute local coffee shops, cooking and making my own recipes, READING! and traveling!

  • Nimra Sweetman (10th Grade girls)

    Hello friends!  I'm Nimra Sweetman and I am so excited to become a youth leader this semester!  I am happily married to my college sweetheart Billy Sweetman and a stay at home mom to our two daughters!  My passion for the youth of Green Bay stems from my desire to serve the Lord and to glorify Him through relationship and discipleship.  I absolutely LOVE people and am so intrigued by the diversity in God's Kingdom.

    Favorite Pastimes: Running, Hiking, Camping, Traveling/Missions, Coffee, and ANYTHING nerdy!

  • Mary dekorne (9th Grade Girls)

    My name is Mary DeKorne and I am a nurse.  Being a nurse is one of God's callings for my life!  I have been able to work with adult neuroscience and home hospice patients, as well as volunteer as the camp nurse at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp.  I also am a mama to our two sons and have loved this new role too!  My husband, Eric, and I recently moved to Green Bay from Grand Rapids, MI.  I will be the Youth Leader for the 9th Grade Girls!

    Favorite Pastimes: being out in nature (preferably by water!), cooking/baking, enjoying a meal with friends and family, and camping.

  • Lisa Viljoen (7th Grade Girls)

    Hi!  I'm excited to be joining the youth as a volunteer and leading the 7th grade girls!  I am married to Jason and work as an adoption social worker.  I wasn't born in Green Bay but have enjoyed living here these past few years.  One day, Jason and I hope to return to South Africa as missionaries to work with orphans.

    Favorite Pastimes: My two favorite things are probably traveling to new and exciting places and swimming on really hot days!I also enjoy reading, biking, hiking and snow boarding!

  • Emma Moayer (6th Grade girls)

    Hi! I'm Emma Moayer and I'm really excited to be a new youth leader as of this year!  I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to Green Bay July 2018 after graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  Talk to me about reading (especially classic literature), traveling, interior decorating, and The Office.  I'm super passionate about youth ministry, especially discipleship, and have been a camp counselor going on six years at the Christian camp I first heard the gospel message.  I'm excited to see God be glorified through Jacob's Well's youth group!