congregational meeting

sunday, may 21


The elders of Jacob’s Well Church are calling a congregational meeting to hold elections for John McKenzie to become a deacon. John has gone through deacon training, has been examined and is recommended by the elders.

On Sunday, May 14th, we will announce the finalized time for the meeting on the 21st (see details below). 


Any reservations with the candidate should first be addressed to the candidate no later than May 7th. 

John can be reached at (507) 316-4353 or

If the reservations persist after meeting with the candidate, then it must be taken to Pastor Dan Jackson no later than Friday, May 12th at noon.

If no members wish to share reservations publicly, the meeting will take place at 10 am (between services), without public discussion.


If someone has a reservation they wish to share with the members of the church, the meeting will take place at 12:15pm with public discussion


Visitors are welcome to attend the congregational meeting, but all Communing Members are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting in accordance with their membership vows.