Officer Candidates

The elders of Jacob's Well Church are calling a congregational meeting for Sunday, January 26th, 2020 at the Church. This meeting will be held during our Annual Meeting and is for the purpose of conducting an election for the following officer  candidates.  

Each of these candidates have completed a year long officer training course. In addition, they have been examined by the elders in the areas of theology, character and competency.  The elders of Jacob's Well are satisfied with their qualifications and are endorsing them to the congregation.

If you have any questions or concerns about these candidates, please first pursue them individually and then share any further concerns with Pastor Dan.

  • Dan conard - ruling Elder candidate

    Dan and Janet's family consists of Anna, her husband, Dave, Laura, her husband Drew and six grandchildren. Dan and Janet met when they were 15 years old. They grew up together as best friends in the Green Bay area.

    Dan has a diverse business background and currently works in sales of heavy equipment. 

    We enjoy walking in the woods, bike riding, kayaking or anything involving water.

    I came to faith in Christ in September 1999 by the grace of God.

    I believe God has been calling me to take a step of faith and after much studying and prayer, God has given me a peace that this (elder) is where He is leading.

    Favorite Bible verse: That I may know him, the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings... Philippians 3:10

  • ted kemen - ruling elder candidate

    I am married to Jamie and have two sons, Tommy and Trevor. Jamie and I met the last week of my Senior year at Bethel University.

    I was fortunate to grow up in a Christian home and came to faith in Christ at an early age at the church we attended.

    My life has been spent in the church and I am so thankful for that. I desire to use my gifts and abilities God has given me to serve the church. Family members and friends have encouraged me to pursue Eldership.

    Some of my favorite things to do are downhill ski in the winter, swim and fish in the summer, workout at Crossfit Green Bay and go out to eat with Jamie.

    My favorite Bible verse is the parable of the Prodigal Son, Luke 15:11-32.

  • phil olsson - ruling elder candidate

    I am happily married to Heather (a lovely, well-read cook and hostess). I have three children, two of whom still live at home (Gabrielle and Cora), along with four stepchildren and nine beautiful grandchildren.

    I was raised by Christian parents and am grateful to say I have not known a day apart from the grace and influence of Christ and His written Word. He has truly rescued my life from the pit. Since my late teens, I have felt the persistent call of grace upon my life, teaching me to put away sin and put on the armor of God. As Peter instructs us, through the Spirit's power, I desire to add to my faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, and to these steadfastness, self-control, brotherly affection and love.

    I believe the Lord has not only granted me a love for the saints but has also equipped me to teach and counsel others in sound doctrine. I formerly served as an elder at Church of the King (Federation of Reformed Churches) in Peoria, Illinois. Also, I am working toward certification through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. I would be grateful and diligent to serve the Lord and his people at Jacob's Well.

    On the fun side, I enjoy training the next generation of great foosball players and like to think of myself as a decent impressionist (e.g., Jimmy Stewart, Christopher Walken.)

  • john rogers - ruling elder candidate

    I have been married to Lisa for 29 years and we have five children, ages ranging from 27 to 12. They are Geoffrey, Jack, Bailey, Macy and Lily.

    I grew up surrounded by a Christian influence, and I have always been part of the church. I can't point to a specific conversion moment, but as I reflect on my life I know that there was not a single moment when I was outside Christ's care and guidance. In my early twenties, I became active in the church, and have found ways to serve in each of the many locations God has chosen to place me and my family.

    It is from my love of Christ's church, and a desire to serve, that I feel called to serve as an elder at Jacob's Well. Through my travels, God has given me many experiences, preparing me for different kinds of service. He has given me a desire to safeguard the purity of the church and to see His kingdom expanded.

    I've mentioned being in many locations and churches, the mobility of my family was not voluntary. I served 20 years in the US Navy on submarines, and moved up and down the east coast from Charleston, SC to Kittery, ME. Given the chance we stay put; we've now lived in Wisconsin for about 10 years, the longest in any one place.

  • scott janssen - deacon candidate

    I met my wife Renee in college and have been blessed to have been married to her 27 years. We have three children, Dana (23), Hayden (19), and Emma (17).

    I was raised in a Christian home, but my personal faith in Christ began to grow when I was in college and I became involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

    I love connecting with others and seeing how God uses the hands and feet of the Church to care for His people.

    In my spare time I like to travel our beautiful country, spend time with my family, and compete against my wife in Jeopardy.

    One of my favorite Bible verses is John 8:58, "‘Very truly I tell you’ Jesus answered, ‘before Abraham was born I Am’"

  • dan pierce - deacon candidate

    I have been blessed to be married to Nancy for 42 years. God brought us together at Wheaton College. We have two children, Christine (married to Cliff) and Brent (married to Ashley) and 6 grandchildren and have resided in Ashwaubenon over 39 years.

    I grew up in a pastor's home, but ran away from God to pursue "fun". One night during my college years, He showed me the deep darkness of my sin and I called out to the Lord Jesus to save me. I am so thankful that He did!

    For at least the last 12 years, I have been drawn more and more to be a servant to fellow believers and through volunteering at work to meet with people in some of their most despairing moments as loved ones have died. I desire to serve the Lord as a deacon within Jacob's Well.

    I love Ephesians 2:8-9 "For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith, and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one may boast."

    An interesting thing about me might be that I stood (on a security mission for the US Army) on Mount St. Helens in Washington State in May 1980, just two weeks prior to the mountain erupting.