The Shine Campaign

In 2004, God placed a vision on Pastor Dan Jackson’s heart to flood Wisconsin with GOSPEL-CENTERED, EXPOSITORY PREACHING churches that emphasize SPIRITUAL INTIMACY. After five years of seminary training and experience, God gathered together Pastor Dan’s family and two other families in 2009 to begin plans to plant Jacob’s Well Church.

After multiple community groups formed and several preview services were conducted, public services at JACOB’S WELL BEGAN on Palm Sunday of 2010 at Pamperin Park.  A few Sundays later our worship services moved into the chapel of Green Bay Community Church and then a few years later into Bayview Middle School. Most recently, GOD HAS BLESSED US with a permanent church facility at 3340 Lineville Road.

Over seven short years, God has used Jacob’s Well to plant a DAUGHTER CHURCH, EMMAUS ROAD, in Appleton along with supporting several church plants around the state. God has also blessed us with a much-needed COUNSELING MINISTRY and grown us to plant fifteen COMMUNITY GROUPS, two women’s and two men’s BIBLE STUDIES, a marriage study, a YOUTH GROUP, an AWANA children’s ministry and a MERCY MINISTRY.

While we are thankful for all God has done in and through Jacob’s Well Church, we recognize that WE HAVE NOT YET ARRIVED at our destination. We are committed to bringing the truth of the Gospel to bear on every area of life.  In doing so, we trust that God will not only REDEEM AND RESTORE us individually but also our marriages, families, neighborhoods, workplaces, city, state, country and world.

God is still calling and challenging us to SHINE with the Good News of the Gospel through the following strategies:


We have not only made a commitment to plant an East Side Green Bay church by Fall of 2018, we are also committed to planting additional churches in Green Bay and throughout Wisconsin. A specific feature of the SHINE Campaign is the initial funding required for the 2018 church plant.


Given the fruitfulness of this ministry and the needs in our community, our hope is to expand the counseling staff in the coming years.


With the numeric growth God has blessed us with, we hope to expand the ministerial staff to care for those inside and outside of the church.


We also hope to expand our current building to accommodate growing counseling, youth, children and adult ministries.

Please pray for wisdom on how God can use you to move forward the vision of Jacob’s Well. The gifts needed below provide a glide path for the SHINE campaign to meet the financial requirements of our ministry vision for church planting and eliminating debt. 

Gifts Needed             Gift Level       Annual Gift Over 3 Yrs       Monthly Gift Over 3 Yrs       Gift Level Total
1                $100,000 $33,300 $2,780 $100,000
4              $50,000 $16,700 $1,390 $200,000
8             $20,000 $6,700 $555 $160,000
8             $15,000 $5,000 $415 $120,000
12             $10,000 $3,300 $280 $120,000
20             $5,000 $1,700 $140 $100,000
20             $2,500 $800 $70 $50,000
20             $1,250 $400 $35 $25,000
20             $1,000 $300 $30 $20,000



Land Sale $250,000

Principle $150,000

Total $1,300,000

Of the $900,000 raised from the congregation, $225,000 will be earmarked for the East side church plant with the remainder of it being used to pay off the mortgage so we can stay financially strong and flexible to fulfill our shine campaign vision. Our goal for the SHINE campaign is to have 100% participation amongst those who call Jacob’s Well their church home.

Please keep in mind that because the funds raised through this campaign are not for current congregational needs these gifts are over and above your family’s regular tithe.  If you have further questions or would be interested in contributing to the SHINE campaign, please complete the form below.