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Welcome to the 2024 Beat the Pastor Pool. The top two guys to win will get a free lunch with a pastor and the top two gals to win will get a free lunch with a pastor’s wife! Adults and kids are encouraged to play!


1. For Jacob’s Well Attenders Only

2. One entry per person

3. You must put your first and last name as the bracket entry name.

a. (You can’t win if we don’t know who you are 😊)

4. Deadline is Thursday, March 21st at 11am.


1. Click on the below link

2. Pool Title is: “2024 Beat the Pastor - Jacob's Well Church”

3. Fill out a bracket and submit it

4. Click on Dashboard

5. Click on Bracket Name

6. Click on Sprocket next to bracket name

7. Enter your first and last name as the name of your bracket

Register here

Thanks for playing, if you have any issues, please e-mail or text Pastor Dan, or 920-362-6825.

Also, if your bracket is busted early, stay tuned, there may be a new bracket sent out for the Sweet 16.